Monday, September 11, 2006

Construction Stance Dance

All he needs is some coffee and donuts. Milo is ready to become a bullrider.


Pernel said...

haha that's so money. sam got back from africa last week & i told him to call if u haven't heard from him yet i'm sure you will soon! his website address is

Carolyn said...

tee hee hee, that makes me smile......thanks for keeping us giggling and smiling
Oh and by the way, Vali, I need your address and Marios too!
love you!

jesse Acosta said...


Anonymous said...

They do have baby swings that will do that you know....maybe you're just out of batteries??? j/k Conner used to live in his sing, it was always a sure way to get him to go to sleep. Jenn Allen

Anonymous said...

We were wondering when you were going to teach little Cash the construction stance. Papa is glad that you have it handled already--now he can take him to Home Depot next time!
Love, Mima