Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Milo's Family

This is not my Poppy but he is like diet Poppy. This is my Uncle Jeff. I had fun with him last weekend.


Uncle Jeff said...

nice pics!! glad we were able to make the PAGE! it was so great seeing you three over the weekend. thanks for opening up your door to us - could possibly have bedded any more people in your place?? i think not!

thanks again, Uncle Jeff and Colin (MN.)

Anonymous said...

hey curtis,

i didn't have your email so i figured this was a decent shot at getting a hold of you. joel told me that you do some stuff with film. i have some weddings coming up and i may need another cameraman on one or two of them. they are in my area (danville, etc.). let me know if you are interested. the blog looks great. milo is a stud.

-dan bowen

Anonymous said...

diet poppy? looks like we missed a lot of fun. so glad more cabalkas got to hold our milo...GREAT uncle jeff, you are looking a bit like a dad of a grad. wow...
we miss and love you all!
gg and poppy

Milo Ross Nemetz said...

Cousin Colin-
Thanks for the surfboard with the big Cervesa on it. I hope it will inspire me to surf someday and drink beer.

Anonymous said...

Wow, it is great to know that Colin might influence Milo someday, but surfing and cerveza? are you trying to get your GG and Poppy to fly home quick?
thanks for the pictures and updates. and yes, I agree, Jeff is like Poppy Light (or as we say in MN, Jeff is like Steve on Ritalin)
love Allison