Monday, August 13, 2007

Confusing Times

Things are getting a little crazy at the Nemetz house now that we have two boys. We are swaddling Milo, putting diapers on the kid's heads, and screwing up which diaper goes on which kid. In addition to all that my jokes on the blog are going out the window with our lack of sleep.
We are having a blast though.


The Avila's said...

It was so fun to see you guys the other day. Vali looks great, as expected. And your little guy is cute. We can't wait to make you guys our new best friends!!! We are lovin you. let us know when the fam leaves so we can come bring dinner to y'all.

kierstin said...

you look great val. Milo and Calivn look good too...curtis, maybe we should talk about your hair, just kidding. My jokes certianly haven't gone out the window, hu?
miss you guys and love you. kiss those boys for me.

moxleyfam said...

i can only imagine

turner88 said...

Congratulations! One of these days we will meet your boys. They sure are handsome. And you two look great too. :)

The Seager Family said...

Congrats you guys on your foursome! I love the pics of Milo in the "thong" diaper (that was Ben's assessment of the situation~!)

Ben, Megan and Chase