Sunday, February 10, 2008


It's like no matter how hard you try you are destined to become a Yuppie. It is for that reason that Vali and I strapped on the Rollerblades and cruised the gated community. We are going to try and Roller blade with the kids every night as our form of exercise. Hopefully Vali will get a little better so we can pass the brisk walk pace. If you look closely you can see Milo saying, "Hey drop me off over there and pick me up when you are done".

(poor picture quality was intentional for true Yuppie effect)


Anonymous said...

Poor Milo. I can see that he is already embarassed to be "hanging" with his parents! Tell him Mima and Papa promise not to strap on skates when he comes to visit us.

Holls said...

rollerblades really?

Anonymous said...

hey, it's your cuz here, Haven't we learned the rollerblade lesson yet? Be careful i still have a scar from when you took me. but don't worry the blood eventually stopped gushing. HeHe Love you guys, cute pic