Sunday, September 07, 2008

"I'm black..."

Not to get all "After school special" on everyone but...

Milo and I were reading a Thomas the Train book today called "Green Train, Blue Train". After we finished the book I asked Milo which train was blue. He answered "Thomas". I asked him which train was green. He answered "Percy".
He then looked at a picture of his cousin Madeira in the hallway and asked me "what color is Dooda?"
I said "I don't know Milo what color is Dooda?" He answered "She's blue."
"Oh" I said, "what color is Milo?"
He looked down at his black shirt and answered, "I'm black."
"And what color is calvin?"
Milo looked at Calvin walking around in a blue shirt and answered, "He's blue too."


Aaron Barker said...

How Cute!

Can't wait til my lil ones are talking and thinking about colors and such.

mima said...

Have you heard about the green polar bears in Japan?

moxleyfam said...

i guess your politics are rubbing off on him!!! fyi... thanks for the update of the boys names, but we spell it Liam.

miss you guys.

cabalka said...

I'm blue cuz I don't get to see the boys enough.....can't get enough of them, ever! Papu