Sunday, March 11, 2007

Milo is Back

Milo boy has been sick for what feels like 3 months. Finally, last night he slept through the night without screaming, coughing, or running a 102 fever. So I thought I would celebrate by blogging myself silly. Enjoy.

For some reason I kept calling Milo a "BoppyCock" when he was wearing this outfit. I have no idea what that means and I hope it isn't a profanity in England.

Milo and his girlfriend Mikela riding in style. They actually took turns crying the whole trip until we realized they couldn't breathe with the wind blocker installed.


cabalka said...

oh my gosh...he looks so cute, and older! It hurts my heart to see him change so fast. We can't wait to hold him and play with him. Thanks for putting new pics on. My desktop has been changed again. love,love,love,

moxleyfam said...

that makes me sad, that hes been sick for so long. i hope you all find some time to recover and get healthy. we miss you guys!