Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Who Cares

Sorry... this is not a Milo blog entry but is about Curtis. I figure since we are having another kid our blog can be for the whole family, not just Milo. Last weekend I had the chance to record some piano tracks for Cara Flory (a famous singer/songwriter and Joel's wife check out the Flory family blog link to the right for more pictures). It was cool being in this amazing studio playing Fernando Ortega's former piano. I will let you all know when the CD comes out. It will be a part of a project called "Strumm".

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cabalka said...

I think it's GREAT you put that on your blog. What a nice place to record. You know I LOVE Fernando, have listened to him for years. But, of course now, you're my new favorite pianist. Can't WAIT to hear Strumm.