Friday, April 20, 2007

Milo's Family

We took a trip up to the Bay Area this week for Vali's weekend to visit friends and family. Milo got to see his Great-grandma Nemetz who is 83 years old and LOVES Milo. Milo got to meet his dad's cousins Kevin and Kyle and Aunt Cindy for the first time. He especially liked Kevin and crawled all over him while we were there. We stayed with Milo's Papa in Berkeley and Papa cooked an amazing meal for us all. Milo is definately a lucky boy to have so much family that loves him so much. You can click the + sign to make the slide show go faster. Or you can slow it down and let it put you to sleep. Either way is cool with Milo.


moxleyfam said...

it was so fun seeing you guys, we already miss you.

The Avila's said...

Hey Milo-Can you do me a favor and ask your mom what all she did to get you to come into this world early? I have a son I want you to meet, but he refuses to come out! I know she had some secrets and I would love to know them!

cabalka said...

Hey Milo......this is absolutely killing me to see you being loved on and to be so far away from being able to do some lovin' myself!!!!!! So glad you have family all over the place to hold you and take care of especially look good in Papa's arms!!!!!!!! Counting the days till I get to hold you and play with you.....It's only 45 more days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!