Friday, April 27, 2007

Post Card From GG and Poppy

My GG and Poppy are coming home on June 6th. They sent me this postcard for my 8 month birthday. I miss them a lot and can't wait to drool and snot all over them when they get home.


moxleyfam said...

you guys must be so excited to have them home! see you in a month...milo, you better not be walking by then!

ps, your new furniture looks awesome

cabalka said...

wow milo...can you already read too???You are so gifted. And, I think you might be getting ready to play the trumpet.i've never seen a 9 month old that can make noises with his lips like you!
We got you a monkey for your 9 month b-day. hope it survives on the plane. i think you will really like it. Poppy is taking good care of it for you. We named it WAPI, because that means where and it keeps saying "wapi milo" which means "where is milo" He really can't wait to meet you. i'll ask poppy to send you a picture. Let me know if you want me to recommend some good you milo ross!