Monday, May 11, 2009

My first day

While this doesn't sum up the day (it wasn't too bad) I thought this was pretty funny. I told Vali that when she got home I would make dinner so she could hang out with the kids for a while. So tonight I busted into one of our pre-made meals our friends so graciously made us. The cookies bag said the temp and time to cook these doggers at.... and I still managed to turn the cookies into a bunch of turds. Sorry to whoever made these delicious cookies for us. 


Momma D said...

Too Funny. Cookies are hard though so don't feel too bad. First they don't look quite done so you leave them in for a minute more and they're burnt.

Good luck with your duties and honestly I envy the energy that I know it takes to get it done.

mima said...

Well you gave it your best shot! Good job for trying! I am not the best baker either and I have had a lot more years of working at it!